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For all your concrete, stone and masonry cleaning and coating needs, we can recommend a solution. So whether you need to restore an exterior finish or bring a natural wood finish back to life, just call us toll-free at 1-888-311-5339, or send us an e-mail. Visit our Product Info Catalog for full details and to shop online.



Broda® HP ASC-All Surface Cleaner
Ideal for cleaning applications that demand an effective, safe solution. Ideal for automobiles, driveways, shop floors, countertops, appliances, tiles etc. Removes oil from concrete and asphalt, removes algae from wood and concrete, removes odours from plastic and much, much more. Worker safe, no caustic fumes, non-abrasive, biodegradable A good all purpose cleaner for residential, commercial and industrial environments. View the MSDS information: All-Surface Cleaner ASC.pdf

Removes effluorescence and lime deposits from concrete and masonry. View the MSDS information: CBR EFF-OFF! Efflorescence Remover.pdf and the product usage information.

Broda® HP 501-AG Anti Graffiti Coating
This environmentally preferable graffiti barrier coating has been formulated to prevent graffiti damage as well as prevent poster damage to all types of substrates and surfaces. View the MSDS information: __ and the product usage information.

Broda® Clarity Wood - Stone
Environmentally preferable. Penetrating, breathable acrylic coating for wood and concrete with good UV stability. View the MSDS information: CLARITY Wood-Stone.pdf and the product usage information.

Broda® HP 601C Water Hold Out
Environmentally preferable. Provides excellent water repellency, is vapour /vapor permeable, reduces cracking, spalling and freeze thaw damage. View the MSDS information: __ and the product usage information.

Paints, Primers, and Sealers
For more concrete and masonry coatings, including a comprehensive selection of LEED compliant paints, primers, and sealers, please view the Choosing Coatings section, or visit our Product Info Catalog.


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