Log & Timber Builders

Log & Timber Builders

Post and Beam Detail Work
Feature Project: Private Home
Builder: Island Timber Frame
Island Timber Frame used BRODA® on cedar for this amazing post and beam detail work. 

BRODA® was designed to protect wood, while maintaining its natural beauty - a perfect combination for log and timber construction. Decades of application experience in the harsh climate contrasts of Canada's Coast Mountains let you use our products with confidence, while our infinitely tintable bases and a palette of more than 50 stock colours offer fresh design options for traditional techniques.
CBR President Bill Willis founded CBR Products from his experience in the log building and restoration trade, and we continue to support the Timber Framers' Guild and the International Log Builders' Association

Product Specifications
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Natural coatings for a natural look
Achieving a long-lasting wood grain finish with durable UV protection is a challenge for most coating products. As you apply coats of a pigmented stain the more pigment is added to the surface of the wood and the more the grain of the wood is hidden. Our recommended system is 2 coats of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Premium Natural Oil Wood Finish, (in 000-series or 100-series colours) followed by a clear top coat. Maintenance coats are applied when the surface of the wood loses the sheen that was apparent after the first 3 coats. The recommended maintenance coat is then a coat of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR SLT Clear UV Top Coat. This product does not have pigment and thus will not contribute to hiding the grain of the wood over the years as you do maintenance.


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