Coastal Cedar Direct

Coastal Cedar Direct


Coastal Cedar Direct is a re-manufacturer located in the mountains of the Vancouver, British Columbia region. They manufacture some of the best old-growth clear western red cedar available.

Part of the buying process with Coastal Cedar Direct is the recommendation of products for your needs and projects. They have a vision for their fiber on your house, be it a West Coast contemporary design or a very modern building with a look that must stand alone but still bring the warmth needed for a livable space.

Custom tongue and groove patterns and dimensions prepared to your specific needs make the possibilities virtually endless.

Coastal Cedar Direct offers a winning combination of high quality, low prices, and better coverage. Their state-of-the-art drying process makes their cedar durable and ready to stand the test of time. They use vacuum kilns, to gently dry the fiber before planing. When the fiber is dried first, it gets a better finish and better end result. The material, when dry, is ready to accept stain and will be dimensionally stable during wet and warm months. This is very important when considering scheduling a build with a new house or renovation. The quality of their planers and grading allow an efficient turnout of a better product for less. All materials are packaged in water-proof lifts.

Coastal Cedar Direct offers a unique service of pre-staining on orders greater than 1000 board feet, this is a very unique service that most suppliers will not offer homeowners or contractors. Coastal Cedar Direct is able to supply materials to any continent. They understand sending material across the continent is an expensive process and do not feel a need for mark-ups.

Coastal Cedar Direct delivers on time, with competitive pricing and professional shipping and handling.


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