Our story

CBR Products

Once upon a time there was a log home builder in Whistler, BC, Canada. He worked with all sorts of contractors desperate for finishing products that they could count on. Because he was also a skier, he knew such coatings would have to withstand the elements and still go easy on the environment.


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So it was, in 1991, that Bill Willis founded CBR Products, and worked with a talented chemist to develop the BRODA® Pro-Tek-Tor line of wood finishes. It wasn’t long before BRODA® became an industry benchmark for wood finishing solutions, offering outstanding performance in the most difficult environmental conditions, with low toxicity and a focus on the environment.


In addition to the BRODA® house brand, we continue to develop new products at our Vancouver, BC plant, including revolutionary wood and concrete restoration solutions as well as superior graffiti management products, cleaners and industrial maintenance supplies.

As professionals who have worked in the building and restoration industry for over two decades, our combined experience, product knowledge, reliability and honesty sets us apart.


But it’s the rugged environment of Canada’s West Coast that inspires our success. CBR’s Vancouver showroom and plant – the low-toxicity of our formulas let us manufacture right in the city.


BRODA® in our warehouse, ready for shipment anywhere in North America and around the world.


CBR makes healthier products for people, including our employee team that works with them every day. (They’re just too nice to poison.)