BRODA® Coatings Overview

BRODA® Coatings Overview

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Complete contractor-proven product line of low-VOC finishes available in a full range of colours. Click the tabs above to learn more about these LEED compliant coatings.


Exterior Wood Stain Finishes On Timber Home: Facing Front During Summertime BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR - Natural Oil Wood Stain for Decks, Walls, Logs, Siding, Shakes, Timbers and other wooden surfaces. Time-tested Wood Stain Finishes. Easy maintenance.

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Interior Timber Home Wooden-theme: Beams, Ceilings, Walls, Floors With Stone Fireplace Freshly Coated With CBR Products`CLARITY

BRODA® CLARITY - Water-based Acrylic Coating For Wood Walls, Trim, Beams, and or other substrates Available in a Gloss Acrylic Finish or a Satin Acrylic Finish. An Acrylic Finish For Concrete, Stone and or Masonry is also available.



interior BRODA PRO-THANE finish


Water-based Urethane Coatings for Stairs, Floors, Railings, Trim, Furniture and other wooden substrates.



BRODA® SEAL-HIDE - Water-based Elastomeric Paint
For: Walls, Wood, Plywood, Concrete And Other Surfaces
A do-it-all coating that fills cracks and surface irregularities.

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