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    ORDER BRODA® Samples, FREE*

    There is no replacement for seeing your choice of colours in person, on the wood or surface you are coating. That’s why we offer your choice of up to three FREE 2oz samples, or a SPECIAL ONE-PINT SAMPLE PRICE on all our stock colours.

    Proof of purchase is required, to receive reimbursement for sample pints. We will also discount the price of BRODA® samples you buy from your order of 5 gallons or more* (18.927 litres or more*of the same colour.

    Please choose the product, coating and colour(s) you want then send us a message using the contact form above or call us toll-free at 1-888-311-5339.

    One Pint of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR, PRO-THANE or CLARITY – Ea $10 (CDN) + tax and freight charges**

    Three 2oz Samples of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR or PRO-THANE, CLARITY – FREE + freight charges*

    * Freight extra. Maximum 2 free one-pint samples per 5-gallon order (18.927 litres order). Maximum quantity to be reimbursed for one-pint samples on future orders of the same colour as the sample pint requested is 2. Freight charges are not included in the rebate.

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