Cabinet Trim Eco Coatings Vancouver BC – Vancouver CBR Products

Cabinet Trim Eco Coatings Vancouver BC – Vancouver CBR Products

Project type:
Exterior wood (siding, log, timber)
Exterior Decks, Railings
Interior wood (walls)
Floors, stairs
Cabinets, Trim
Furniture & Woodworking
Roofing (wood & shakes)
Product Type:
‘Stain’ (Semi-Transparent to Semi-Solid Coatings)
Transparent Coatings & Clear Coats
Zero to Low-V.O.C. Paint


Coatings for Cabinets & Trim

These are areas of the home that receive a lot of wear from handling, so they require protection from abrasion and the natural oils in our skin. They also have to look good, as cabinets and trim are key designer features. So whether you are staining pine, maple oak or any wood surface, choose from these water based low VOC products.

Eco Coating Recommendations:

BRODA® PRO-THANE Oil Modified Urethane / Acrylic Satin and Gloss (UR CT): Our toughest, most abrasion resistant coating. Amber hue to give depth of grain and rich looking wood; Quick to dry, recoats very easily. Tintable, very low odour / very low odor.
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BRODA® PRO-THANE Urethane / Acrylic (UC CT) Satin and Gloss: Clear, non-ambering, (wood colour / wood color remains the same). Very quick to dry, recoats easily; tough, dent resistant finish; tintable; low odour / low odor.
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Safecoat® Trim and Door Enamel: A unique, highly durable coating for high abuse areas such as trim, baseboards, chair rails and doors. Available in eggshell and semi-gloss finishes. Safecoat is fully tintable using zero VOC tints.
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