Low VOC Paints Vancouver, BC Low VOC Paints - CBR Products

Low VOC Paints Vancouver, BC Low VOC Paints - CBR Products

What makes a coating ‘eco-friendly'?

First of all, look for water based wood stains, low VOC paints and low VOC coatings. This means the pigments and binders are not carried by harsh solvents that emit V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds). VOC's don't just ‘stink' as you're applying them. They can be released for years as they cure and dry in your home, office and other living environments. VOC's have been found to be unhealthy to people and pets as well as being a contributor to smog. That's why in April 2008, the Canadian Government announced regulations to lower VOC content in stain, paint, adhesives and other building materials.

At our Vancouver based company, CBR Products, we were pleased to see these low VOC regulations catch up with our priorities - namely, providing low VOC paints and coatings throughout BC, Canada, the USA and beyond. 

What's more, water based low-VOC wood stains, water-based low-VOC paints and other water-based low-VOC coatings don't require toxic solvents for clean-up. Which means you can avoid poisoning our landfills with the oily rags and toxic cans from old fashioned paints. Water clean-up is also a lot easier on brushes and rollers, which can last years longer.

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Other Considerations

The manufacturing process is also worth considering. Oil-based paints and stains use more harsh petrochemicals in their manufacture and further VOC's can be released.

The company behind the product. Are they manufacturing locally? Do they have a culture of fair employment practices and social responsibility?

It all makes a difference.