Exterior Wood Coatings, Siding, Log, Timber Coatings - Vancouver CBR Products

Exterior Wood Coatings, Siding, Log, Timber Coatings - Vancouver CBR Products

Project type:
Exterior wood (siding, log, timber)
Exterior Decks, Railings
Interior wood (walls)
Floors, stairs
Cabinets, Trim
Furniture & Woodworking
Roofing (wood & shakes)
Product Type:
‘Stain’ (Semi-Transparent to Semi-Solid Coatings)
Transparent Coatings & Clear Coats
Zero to Low-V.O.C. Paint


Exterior Wood Coatings for Siding, Logs & Timber

For the exterior of buildings and other strctures you need protection from sun, rain, insects, mould / mold and depending on where you live, snow, ice and even hail. For wood exteriors, you want the surface to be able to ‘breathe' to allow moisture to pass back and forth through the surface without damaging the coating. If using a transparent or semi-transparent stain one can apply a top-coat finish for further protection.For both stains and paint if the surfaces are exposed to direct sunlight consider choosing colours / colors that have more pigment into the coating.

Of course, you also want a great selection of colours, as your home's exterior is the largest single design statement you may make.

Eco Coating Recommendations:

Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid:

BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Siding Log Timber (SLT) Premium Exterior Natural Oil Wood Finish
The perfect high-performance coating choice for protecting and enhancing wood's natural beauty. More than fifty standard colours - clear, transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid.
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Top coat:

SLT Clear UV Top Coat, Clarity WS

Safecoat All Purpose Exterior Satin
A sophisticated, premium quality, paint designed for a variety of exterior surfaces where a durable, weather resistant finish and superior film formation properties are needed.

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