Low Voc Floors Coating Vancouver, Eco friendly Stairs Coatings BC - CBR Products Vancouver

Low Voc Floors Coating Vancouver, Eco friendly Stairs Coatings BC - CBR Products Vancouver

Project type:
Exterior wood (siding, log, timber)
Exterior Decks, Railings
Interior wood (walls)
Floors, stairs
Cabinets, Trim
Furniture & Woodworking
Roofing (wood & shakes)
Product Type:
‘Stain’ (Semi-Transparent to Semi-Solid Coatings)
Transparent Coatings & Clear Coats
Zero to Low-V.O.C. Paint


Low VOC Floor Coatings & Stair Coatings


For these higher-traffic areas, such as floors and stairs, a durable sealer finish is required to protect the surface and resist abrasion and moisture. To let wood grain show through a urethane coating is a good choice.

Eco Coating Recommendations:

BRODA® PRO-THANE Oil Modified Urethane (UR FS): Hard, tough, abrasion resistant; Amber hue gives depth of grain and rich looking wood; Tintable, very low odour / low odor. Gloss / Satin / Flat.

BRODA® PRO-THANE Urethane (UC FS): Hard, tough, very abrasion resistant; Clear, non-ambering, wood colour / wood color remains the same; Very quick to dry, recoats easily. Tintable, very low odour / very low odor. Gloss / Satin / Flat.
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AFM Safecoat® Polyureseal BP: A state of the art alternative to conventional solvent and water borne polyureathanes, featuring high solids, low odour / low odor, low VOC, exceptional durability and abrasion resistance. For use on surfaces from gym and warehouse floors to residential floors to cabinetry. Contains no formaldehyde. Gloss / Satin
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Safecoat® Concrete Floor Paint: A unique water-borne semi-gloss coating for use on dimensionally stable decks including concrete, magnesite, walkways, breezeways and patios. No offensive solvents, fumes or odours / odors. Standard in white, colours / colors available on special order.
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