CBR Products - Graffiti Prevention & Removal

CBR Products - Graffiti Prevention & Removal

Get one step ahead of the graffiti taggers, and stay there.

At CBR Products as building restoration experts, we have had plenty of experience with the ongoing battle of graffiti. Talk to us about your specific graffiti prevention and graffiti removal needs, and we will recommend the best solution: from taking preventive measures such as creating a graffiti barrier to providing graffiti strippers and graffiti removers in gel, liquid and paste forms. 

Please call us toll-free at 1-888-311-5339, or send us an e-mail. Visit our Product Info Catalog for full details and to shop online for all our coatings..

The unwanted Graffiti pictured to the right was removed from this municipal storage box by using ABR Polyshield Graffiti Strip Soap - Lite Duty.


Broda® HP 501-AG Anti Graffiti Coating
Environmentally preferable Anti Graffiti Finish. This graffiti barrier coating prevents graffiti and poster damage to all types of surfaces and substrates. View the MSDS information and the product usage information.

BRODA® ASC All Surface Cleaner
View the MSDS information: All-Surface Cleaner ASC.pdf

Paints, Primers, and Sealers:  For more coatings, including zero VOC and low VOC paints, primers, and sealers, please view the Choosing Coatings section



Call CBR Products: we`ve got the right graffiti cleaning solution for you!

Call us toll-free at 1-888-311-5339, or send us an e-mail.

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