Roofing Wood & Shakes Maintenance

Roofing Wood & Shakes Maintenance

Project type:
Exterior wood (siding, log, timber)
Exterior Decks, Railings
Interior wood (walls)
Floors, stairs
Cabinets, Trim
Furniture & Woodworking
Roofing (wood & shakes)
Product Type:
‘Stain’ (Semi-Transparent to Semi-Solid Coatings)
Transparent Coatings & Clear Coats
Zero to Low-V.O.C. Paint


Roofing Coatings for Wood Roofs & Shakes

This application requires strong UV protection, easy maintenance and resistance to moss and algae. CBR has been researching shake and shingle treatments for many years. If you want to know more, download our Shake & Shingle Roof Maintenance PDF here.

Eco Coating Recommendations:

BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Roof Treatment (RT) Natural Oil Wood Finish: Industrial pigments for superior UV protection; excellent water repellency; roof can “breathe”; reduces moss and algae growth; extends life of roof with regular maintenance. Professional application recommended.
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