Safecoat Sealers Vancouver, Safecoat Safe Seals Vancouver BC - CBR Products Vancouver

Safecoat Sealers Vancouver, Safecoat Safe Seals Vancouver BC - CBR Products Vancouver

Project type:
Exterior wood (siding, log, timber)
Exterior Decks, Railings
Interior wood (walls)
Floors, stairs
Cabinets, Trim
Furniture & Woodworking
Roofing (wood & shakes)
Product Type:
‘Stain’ (Semi-Transparent to Semi-Solid Coatings)
Transparent Coatings & Clear Coats
Zero to Low-V.O.C. Paint



Safecoat® Safe Seal
Emission control sealer for porous surfaces like plywood, particle board or non-waxed OSB. Multiple coats of Safe Seal will retain a 'dry tackiness' indefinitely and as such cannot function as a protective top coat sealer. (Note that this inherent softness, flexibility and stickiness makes Safe Seal an excellent and easy wipe on primer application for surfaces that will be topcoated)
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Safecoat® Hard Seal
An excellent multi-use, water based, general purpose clear sealer for vinyl, porous tile, concrete, plastics and unfinished cabinetry. Properly applied, it is particularly effective at sealing in pollution and outgassing of toxic chemical compounds. Multiple coats will build an attractive gloss finish. Not for surfaces subject to standing water or heavy moisture.
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Safecoat® Polyureseal BP
A state of the art alternative to conventional solvent and water borne polyureathanes, featuring high solids, low odour, low VOC, exceptional durability and abrasion resistance. For use on surfaces from gym and warehouse floors to residential floors to cabinetry. Contains no formaldehyde. Gloss/Satin
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Safecoat® WaterShield
WaterShield is excellent for both masonry and wood vertical surfaces where enhanced water repellency is desired.
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Safecoat® Penetrating Water Stop For exterior masonry walkways or decks.
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As always, we strongly urge users to test any sealer or sealers on the specified surface to insure satisfactory results.