Questions & Answers


Why is surface penetration so important?

Pro-Tek-Tor is a safe penetrating product. As such, the surface of the wood must be clean and the pores of the wood must be open to allow the wood to absorb as much Pro-Tek-Tor as possible. It is also important to kill as much of the mould and mildew that may be present in the wood as possible, to ensure that they do not continue to grow under the Pro-Tek-Tor-coated surface. This will provide the optimal result whether you’re working with exterior finishes, furniture paint, floor stains or our many other products.

If the sun suddenly comes out on what started as a cool and cloudy day, what should I do?

Mist water to the area where you have used Pro-Tek-Tor natural wood finish, as it must stay hydrated to continue to penetrate the wood. Pro-Tek-Tor needs to penetrate deeply into the structure of the wood for optimal performance. Continue to wet the wood until the temperature cools below 21ºC. The surface of the area where Pro-Tek-Tor was applied should never feel sticky. This is an indication that the natural wood oils do not have enough water to flow into the wood.

Why is wood maintenance so important?

Regular maintenance allows the finish to continue looking good as new. By washing the wood surface, dirt, mold and mildew spores are washed off and do not get a chance to start growing and penetrating into the finish and wood. A certain percentage of the Pro-Tek-Tor is worn away by wind, rain, pollution and sun. With minor regular maintenance, the finish can be easily preserved, avoiding the need for complete restoration at a later date.

Why is it so important to get Pro-Tek-Tor to penetrate?

Allowing Pro-Tek-Tor to penetrate deep into the surface of the wood enables it to fill and bond to the cells of the wood. UV damage is usually only microns deep behind clear or transparent finishes. This damage is what causes surface film finishes to lose their bond to the wood. When Pro-Tek-Tor is able to penetrate beyond this depth, UV damage is greatly reduced.

How does Pro-Tek-Tor allow a transparent or semi-transparent finish to be maintained over time, without making the wood grow darker and darker, as most finishes do?

When the natural oils of Pro-Tek-Tor penetrate the wood, they take the colour pigments with them. Applying the clear topcoat over the initial tinted layers protects the wood's colour and the wood itself. As the clear coat is regularly maintained, the tinted layers are protected from colour fading, tannin stains and water stains. The clear coat has no pigment in it, so the appearance of the wood never grows darker.

Why does the clear top coat have to be applied?

The clear topcoat protects both the surface of the wood and the tinted stain that has penetrated into the surface layers. The topcoat also has special UV inhibitors to stop the pigments in Pro-Tek-Tor from fading. That provides the optimal result whether you’re staining wood or working in another application.

Can Pro-Tek-Tor be applied over other finishes?

No. In order to be effective, Pro-Tek-Tor can only be applied to bare wood. It is very important that Pro-Tek-Tor penetrates into the wood and bonds to the wood itself. Another finish between Pro-Tek-Tor and the wood will prevent this from happening.

Can Pro-Tek-Tor be used indoors?

Yes. Pro-Tek-Tor works very well indoors, and has a very low odor. It is also non-toxic and is non-flammable. Pro-Tek-Tor will not darken over time, leaving the interior bright and natural looking.

Why does Pro-Tek-Tor not have a shiny finish

Shiny finishes are achieved by applying surface films that stay on top of the wood. When applied correctly, Pro-Tek-Tor will not form a surface film, since it penetrates deep into the wood. A semi-gloss appearance can be achieved by applying enough Pro-Tek-Tor to fill up to the surface of the wood.

How do I fix water stains that occur when Pro-Tek-Tor that hasn't completely dried and is suddenly exposed to the rain?

Apply a mixture of 75% water and 25% clear Pro-Tek-Tor to the stain and rub vigorously with a Teflon scrub pad. Pro-Tek-Tor will reactivate itself and the pigments will begin to move. Continue to scrub until the water stains are gone.

Can Pro-Tek-Tor be applied when it is raining out?

Yes, but Pro-Tek-Tor cannot be applied to wood that is getting wet from direct rain, or wood that has rain running across it. Siding or soffits can often be coated with Pro-Tek-Tor, as long as they are protected from rain by overhangs or tarps.

How long will Pro-Tek-Tor last?

Pro-Tek-Tor will continue to look like new as long as regular maintenance is done on an "as needed" basis. As a premium quality water based wood stain, Pro-Tek-Tor will last as long or longer than any other premium wood product on the market.

I am trying to find a safe natural looking clear finish for exterior timbers that will protect them properly over the long run but still maintain a natural look. Will BRODA® keep timbers looking good over their life as long as we regularly re-apply periodically?

We would recommend one of our tinted clears – BRODA® Pro-Tek-Tor SLT Natural Clear or Woodlands Clear.

BRODA® Pro-TekTor has clear, transparent and semi-transparent colours.

UV protection is provided mainly by pigments. UV inhibitors are also added, and mould and fungal protection is provided by fungicides.

The Broda Pro-Tek-Tor products will protect your timbers and keep them looking good for a long period of time if you apply them as recommended.

How can I get a nice wood-grain finish that stays protected over the years?

Achieving a visible wood grain look with durable UV protection is a challenge for most coating products. As you apply coats of pigmented stain over the years, more pigment is added to the surface of the wood and the more the grain of the wood is hidden. (Paint completely hides and the grain of the wood as it is opaque) Our suggested system is 2 coats of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Premium Natural Oil Wood Finish, (in 000-series or 100-series colours) followed by a clear top coat. Maintenance coats are applied when the surface of the wood loses the sheen that was apparent after the first 3 coats. The recommended maintenance coat is then a coat of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR SLT Clear UV Top Coat. This product does not have pigment and thus will not contribute to hiding the grain of the wood over the years as you do maintenance.


How do I clean old wood?

Graying as a result of UV damage, dirt, iron stains and light surface mould and mildew can be removed with Broda wood brightener.

What is fungal staining?

It is a fungus that generally grows in the sapwood and stains the wood blue or black. The stain is often the full depth of the sap wood.

What does mould and mildew look like on wood?

Generally, it is a black stain on the surface of the wood.

How do I remove motor oil stains from wood?

Oil stains can be removed by applying a coat of ASC All-Surface Cleaner and rinsing off. Then apply a 9:1 dilution of Broda Wood Brightener/Cleaner and rinse well.